If you are selected to join the Spartan team, congratulations!
But wait. There’s more. Introducing Spartan Staffing Employee Benefits.

As an assignment employee with Spartan Staffing, you’ll have access to:

Medical, Dental, Disability and Life Insurance

  • Insure yourself and your family with low-cost, quality medical insurance that will give you peace of mind.

Direct Deposit

  • You’ll be able to receive your paychecks via direct deposit into a personal checking or savings account.

Convenience Check Card

  • If you do not have a bank account or live far away from our office, we offer the convenient option of an ATM/Debit Card.

Vacation Pay

  • You’ll be eligible for five days of paid vacation time based on your regular rate of pay.

Holiday Pay

  • You’ll receive up to 8 hours of holiday pay for selected holidays.

Referral Bonus

  • We appreciate it when you refer your friends and family to apply with us! Check with your local Spartan branch to ask about their referral programs and incentives you may be eligible for. Find your local Spartan branch today!

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