The Spartan Staffing 10-step Recruitment Process:

1. Merchants Integrity Test

Each of our recruits takes the Merchants Integrity Test – a scientifically designed integrity/behavioral screening assessment. This helps us identify behaviors that could affect our workers’ ability to perform for you. Research shows this screening is highly effective in helping us pinpoint and reduce employment risks such as workers’ compensation claims, “no-shows,” and turnover.

2. Industrial Skills Assessment

We carefully assess each worker’s skill set to determine level of expertise.

3. Safety Assessment

As part of our internal safety process, our branch staff takes the time to orient and instruct each of our employees on proper safety. Need site-specific safety training? We can handle that too.

4. Behavioral Interview

We interview recruited workers one-on-one, interacting with and personally assessing each pending member of our workforce team.

5. E-Verify

We use E-Verify, an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration that allows us to use information on an employee’s Form I-9 to determine a worker’s ability to work in the United States. Also, under our parent company, TrueBlue, we were the first nationwide blue-collar staffing company to be recognized for best practices by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and named a partner in ICE’s IMAGE program.

6. Drug Screen

All of our workers are screened for drugs. We pride ourselves in our commitment to a drug-free workforce.

7. Criminal Background Check

We conduct a thorough criminal background check on workers as required by customers prior to placing them on the job site.

8. Job Placement Orientation

After completing our stringent screening process, workers are oriented for job placement so they are fully equipped and prepared to come to work for you.

9. Assignment

When we have determined your specific needs, we then match an employee with the skill set necessary to complete your job. Job placement is an art and a science, and we are experts at both.

10. On the Job

Our assignment employee is motivated and ready to come to work for you.

People, power, and progress in action.