Our Standards Keep You on the Safe Side.

At Spartan Staffing, we share your commitment to safety.

That’s why we partner with you and our workers, employing our own internal safety processes, as well as policies and procedures customized to your site, to greatly reduce risk factors that can cause costly on-the-job injuries.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Unparalleled Focus on Safety.

Our comprehensive safety checklist includes:

Safety Orientation

All of our assignment employees complete an in-house safety orientation process, which attunes them to safe practices and procedures before they are assigned to your job site.

Nurse Line

Not all on-the-job injuries require a doctor or emergency room visit. When an injury occurs, our NurseLine Program gives workers 24/7/365 phone access to a Registered Nurse who can help determine the next appropriate step for medical care.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If our assignment employees don’t already own the appropriate PPE necessary for job site placement, we will rent or sell the equipment to them to ensure they are safely and properly outfitted for their assignment.

Safety Performance Reviews

Our three-pronged approach ensures high standards of practice for safety: we review our own internal safety procedures, we review safety performance with our skilled workers, and we partner with you to regularly address on-site safety.

OSHA-Certified Training

We employ a full-time crew of OSHA-certified safety professionals that brings OSHA training classes to each of our workers. We also provide site consultations to assist you with any safety concerns you may have.

On-Site Inspections

Our team of professionals is available to partner with you to inspect your site and develop safety programs that protect both our workforce and your bottom line.

Complete Insurance Protection.

Spartan Staffing maintains the following insurance: 


  • Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Liability Auto Insurance Coverage.

Our liability insurance coverage for automobile accidents is secondary to your insurance coverage as the vehicle’s owner/lessee. Please do not authorize a Spartan Staffing employee to operate machinery or motor vehicles without written permission from Spartan Staffing.